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Luis has had a the so called "U7"-screening today. This is a check-up for 2 year old busy toddler. Parts of the screening are painting and stacking building bricks.

The painting shows Jersey in action. *LOL* *LOL* *LOL*

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fruit salad

Fresh fruit salad...

... made of pineapples, red grapes, green grapes, apples, pears, figs, cape gooseberries, starfruits,
kiwi, nashi pears and honeydew melon - garnished with honey-flavored yoghurt and raspberry sauce.


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Goodbye, old friend...

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"The Day After"
Someone looks like he has had too much malt beer on his 2nd birthday party...

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Guess who´s TWO

Happy Birthday, Captain Luis!
We ♥ you more than words can say...

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"The Day Before"

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Sunglasses: EUR 190,00
Pregancy Dress: EUR 29,90
Raising Children: Priceless.

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The Big Bang


There´s been an accident in the Innenhafen today. A crane keeled over and fell onto the Portsmouthdamm. The numerous pedestrian on that numerous on the bridge were able to escape in time. Seconds later the tank of the crane exploded with a big bang. TG no one got hurt.

The photo was taken (by Frank) about one and a half hour later while hubs and Luis were out for a walk.

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Enjoying breakfast on the patio - for the first time in 2008.
YAY... finally!

[Disclaimer: Yes, Luis is drinking out of an Espresso cup... but it´s just milk oin there!]

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For Little Man Warrior:


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[Love ya, darling - you know why ♥ ]

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Okay... time to wing it. Hamster 2.0 didn´t allow a proper 3D shot during the ultrasound session today... I´ve already posted the latest belly pic taken today...

So... how about the huge LEGO giraffe? I absolutely adore her *love*

She stands in front of the LEGOLAND Discovery Center which opened today.

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Say "Hi!" to our next-door neighbor, Mr Hugh Goldfish.

[Photo was taken by Frank and Luis]

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Hmmmm... Mama Duck reminds me of... ME *LOL*

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Narcissus on our dining table
- inspired by this week´s Manic Monday theme "bud".

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Luis and his "auntie" Jens ♥

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Gangsta Rapper Captain Luis is teething.

We discovered 4 (!!!) back teeth coming their way while we were brushing teeth this morning.

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Cabin Fever Part #2

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Cabin Fever Part #1

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Awwwww... Look at these cute baby clothes and the cuddly flower cushion
(which I´d love to keep for myself *g*)

We got these uber-cute surprises for Hamster 2.0 from my wonderful blogging pal, the one and only (and pregnant) CrAzY Working Mom.

Thank you so much, Tisha! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Playground fun - starring Captain Luis.

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Spring has sprung...

... finally.

The mums are part of our patio planting.
I took the photo while I was enjoying the SUN outside today in the morning. The SUN!!! Imagine that! SUN!!! *woot-woot* Finally... sun!

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No, we haven´t been on a short trip to the German island Sylt... but we´ve been at "Gosch, Sylt" in Dusseldorf for a snack with friends right after visiting the Spring fair.

I had to take a snapshot of the wall painting and decoration at Gosch. Is it just kitschy or neat or maybe both? What do you think?


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