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It´s cheaper to buy a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne...
Today I paid EUR 1,51 for a liter of fuel - that´s 2.34 USDs for 0.26 gallon... which sucks big time.


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Time does fly. I can´t believe it´s been 2 weeks since I met the gyn last time.
Today I spent 45 minutes at the cardiotocograph. Listening to Hamster 2.0´s heartbeat is very relaxing... I could listen for hours and hours.

The next appointment will be on June, 13th... but, while having a look at the CTG, the doc told me he doesn´t think we´ll be keeping this appointment... UH-OH!!!

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We´ve had a little BBQ tonight - Uhm... okay... two brats, lots of steaks, a few beer and one "Ouzo" on the rocks later my dad Papili looked like this... I´m pretty sure that look wasn´t caused by brats and steaks...

:-P :-P :-P

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It's been a bad day. Please don't take a picture.
It's been a bad day. Please.

- "Bad Day" (R.E.M.)
John Lennon

Yes, all you´re getting today is a quick snapshot of this beautiful rose... I´m sorry.

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Trying to catch up

The Captain is trying to catch up...

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Have a good Memorial Day!

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My first Starbuck´s

"My first Starbuck´s - a frozen Strawberry and Creme Frappuccino *yummy*"

Note: That Frappuccino is cream-based - no coffee for the Captain!

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I guess it´s a good thing to name the body parts you´ll be going to kiss a second later while flirting...

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Luis and I have been out for a walk, passing the local marina. We both liked these two boats best.

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"Oh mommy, don´t disturb me - can´t you see I´m studying the colorful pics in the advertising folder I´m reading the lastest news???"

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Captain Luis has attended to an audiometry today. The test is part of the routine checkup "U7" he passed a few weeks ago, but the test equipment was broken, so we had to come back. The outcome: Our little Captain´s hearing sense is as good as a bat(man)´s.

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The sky above our home tonight. I love the "burning" look.

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"Oh... yummy... lunch leftovers for dinner!"

It took the Furry Diva 8 minutes to gorge guzzle munch eat her dinner. That happens rarely - normally she does her very best to empty a feeding dish in less than 2 minutes.


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What do you think?

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3D ultrasound

Miss Hamster 2.0 (44cm - 1.44 feet / 2.510g - 5.52 lb) decided to show her cute little face during the 3D ultrasound session (week 35+0).

Can´t wait to hold her...

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Today Luis and I were sitting on the patio, enjoying the rain - without getting wet of course.
Hmmm... why can´t you see me??? Well, because Luis was sitting on my lap and I took the photo.


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The watchtower is part of the historical city wall
- trying to make some memories, snappings shots of my favorite places as long as we´re here...

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Gosh, how I love this man!!!

Luis is right. We all hate when Frank wears a black suite, although he looks so damn sexy wearing it (just my thoughts *g*) - but it means he´ll be going to leave home for a looong time.
I love to see him wearing a T-Shirt.

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Little visitor

Attention: Ladybug crossing...
... on our patio this morning.

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Miss Elli

Everything I am I owe to my mom...
Miss Elli!

Happy Mother´s Day to my mom...
... and all the mom´s out there!


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Luis and A

Just another cute shot of Luis and his babysitter A.
I couldn´t resist to post it, b/c I love love LOVE Luis relaxed position.
Looks like A. is very comfy.

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The beanbag is freshly filled - Captain Luis couldn´t wait to sit down.
The only thing I hope is he will not open and re-empty it again.

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No words - just this:

Water Fun

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Note to self: Store away EVERYTHING when raising a busy toddler...


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