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Waldorf and Statler - they remind me of my dad Papili. No, it´s not their behaviour... okay... maybe just a little bit, but mainly he looks like their cross breeding. ;-)

I had to post this picture, because I´m already wondering HOW he´s going to fool me tomorrow... on April Fool´s Day. *LOL*

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No words... just this:

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While we enjoyed a lovely day with our friends C+R in Dusseldorf, Luis had lots of fun with his nanny A (the uber-cute daugther of C) at the local playground close to C+R´s home.

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Once again I´m speechless...
I can´t imagine what we did to be worthy of all these signs of love...
Isn´t this little pink set far too cute?

Thank you so much, Barb!

We can´t wait to send you a photo of Hamster 2.0 in this cute baby apparel!
Consider yourself hugged x million!

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Awww... look at those happy smiles!
It´s so darn cute (and heartrending) to see how much Jens and Luis love each other...

[The photo was taken while we visited our friend Jens today - the godfather of Luis.]

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Aaaah... a great way to start the day. I love packages, especially when I´m waiting for something special to be delivered. In this case it´s the perfect balance to yesterday´s fast food sin:

A care package containing my favorite water, ice tea and a new experience:

Voss Water - Artesian water from Norway.
Arizona Tea - Asia Plum, Mandarin, Blueberry White and Green Tea.
Fiji Natural Water - drawn from an artesian aquifer.

The very first time we drank Voss Water has been on a romantic birthday dinner at the Puro Hotel (Mallorca, Spain). I will never forget this very special evening... and the day after. We spent it at the Puro Beach Spa, where they serve Voss, too. ♥

Arizona Tea brings back some pretty cool memories, too. While I was working for Roche Pharmaceuticals in New Orleans, LA we used to drink the Ginseng version mixed with vodka, right out of the (beautiful) tea bottle in the evenings. Of course I´ll pass on the vodka now...

The Fiji Water is new to me. I saw a report about water on TV a few weeks ago and thought "Why not give this one a try?"


Artesian Water - the champagne for pregnant mommies...


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I´m stuffed with fast food. Crappy tasting fast food, served as cold as ususal. I´ve had a Big King XXL from Burger King (as far as I can remember the US equivalent is a BK Triple Stacker).
Man, I feel awful right now...

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While The Furry Diva prefered to scraf down her Easter surprises (salamis all over the place) and take a nap thereafter, the rest of the family is sugar high. It´s a wonder we don´t just take off and fly through our home.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

Happy Easter Monday!

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Happy Easter to you and yours!
Frohe Ostern!

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The Easter Bunny has been here, that good ol early bird.
Everything happend in a splitsecond, right after Luis went to bed.
Bunny hopped in, hided some eggs and other goodies and did a moonlight flit.

My deepest apologies I did not grab my camera fast enough to take a photo of the Easter Bunny... all I was able to catch is the dust-cloud the bunny left and parts of our Easter bunch. :-)

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Today in the morning I woke up because the sun tickled my nose...
... and this is what greeted me about half an hour later!

Neither camera shake nor coffee jitters - just cloudburst... on going cloudburst.

The perfect day to stay in PJs at home, in bed. OK, staying in bed is just a dream, but the PJs thing will be possible.

Enjoy your Good Friday!

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Hmmm... strawberries! Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits, rank 3, right behind grapes and pineapple - as long as I´m not pregnant. The very last thing my mom ate before her water broke. I guess there´s a connection... I could eat strawberries the whole day long when I´m pregnant. *grin*

Now I´m off to enjoy those... *yum*

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Shopping at the grocery store...
Easter bunnies... everywhere. We can´t escape... the bunnies seem to be hunting us...
Especially me... playing with my pregnancy hormones...

Buy me!!!
Eat me!!!
You know you want to!!!
I taste delicious!!!
Come on!
Buy me!


I´m exhausted...

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Aren´t the little roses far too cute? I received this little treasure today from the best hubby I can imagine. Just because...

Thank you so much, Frank! Your love, appreciation and affection throw me for a loop each and every day. I love you more than words can say! *love*

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Luis aka "Diaper Rapper De Lite" looking forward
to the upcoming baby toddler rapper massage...

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No, I don´t have any plans for getting ugly... it´s just that my mind is blank today.

I nearly forgot to take a photo today *blush*

So this is my makeshift: A quick snapshot of our toothpick holder.

Hope you don´t mind I´m gonna leave you with this today. *love*

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The sky above Dusseldorf, Germany tonight - a snapshot I took while we were on our way back home (out of our car). Jens visited us in the early morning today. After a huge breakfast we got our stuff packed and drove to the fleamarket. Thereafter we stopped by at our friend Christian, the owner of the very best ice cream parlor in town. Sitting outside, enjoying the best icecream we can imagine... followed by a fine BBQ back home - I´m still full *LOL*
Happy happy joy joy :-D

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Okay... that´s 175kg / 385lb of furniture... furniture for Hamster 2.0! We´ll have to carry all the stuff upstairs and set everything up.

I love stuff like that - but I honestly prefer to get my orderings delivered on the day they should arrive... not 6 weeks early. Hopefully we don´t get an early Hamster 2.0, too. ;-)

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For yesterday’s memories, today’s love, and tomorrow’s dreams I love you...
Happy Anniversary!

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We finally found a nice flower for our huge floor vase. The magnolia is artificial but it looks like a fresh one. Normally I´m not a fan of artificial flowers, but this one is nice. ;-)

Just in case you´re wondering... yes, we´ve been to IKEA, my favorite (Swedish) furniture store. *LOL* - And yes, the magnolia is not the only new item... it´s always the same thing. I want to buy some tea candles and possibly a new penguin for Jersey *sigh* and I end up having problems to get all the new stuff in the trunk of our car. No matter how huge the trunk is. Next time I should ride by bicycle. :-D

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Oh my gosh!!! How sweet is this??? My beautiful blogging pal Misty has done something unbelievable for us - look at these cute presents for Hamster 2.0!!!

Thank you so much, Misty! I can´t imagine to see the little girl wearing this dress!
Love ya - mean it!!! *SMOOCH*

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*Frrrrr* I can´t believe it´s March - it´s freaking cold, rainy and stormy. The only thing missing is snow. We´re still using Luis Bugaboo Cameleon stroller instead of the brandnew Bee b/c we´re waiting for the Bee´s foot-bag to be delivered. Luis even turned down the cover to protect himself from the wind. That happens rarely. He hates the cover... normally :-)

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It´s been a while since I posted a pregnancy belly photo. The weather is really bad today and blogger gives me headaches during the last 2 days - so I´m gonna leave you with this today - taken with the Apple Built-in iSight camera of my MacBook Pro.

Enjoy your weekend, peeps!

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The local Landscape Park is one of my favorite places for photography. I ♥ taking pictures of old industrial places. This is one of the photos I took while we´ve been there today. The weather god didn´t like us, but it has been a nice trip anyway.

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[My choice for different / SPSH is posted over at Coffee2go]

Ta-Daaaaaa! Today´s photo is sponored by my parents Miss Elli and Mr Gargamel...
We proudly present Luis´ new Buggy - the Bugaboo Bee!

Thank you so much, MaPa!
We ♥ you more than words can say!!!

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Spring fever everywhere... it´s all about LOVE:

The duckie couple,
Family Swan,
Frank and Sanni,
You and your partner, ...
Oh, how I love LOVE and spring =)

Have a great day - spend it ♥- ing and ♥ed one!

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[You´ll find my Wordless Wednesday entry on Coffee2go | My main blog]

Back from the monthly gyn´s appointment!
Our little girl was not sleeping during this "photosession". She greeted her grandma Elli and me. :)

We´re in week 24+6 today... and the little girl isn´t so little anymore. She´s amazing 32 cm (1.05ft) tall and weighs 800g (1.76 lb)... oh, and she decided to take seat last week. Hamster 2.0 sits in my belly like Little Buddah. *g*


Other great news:
Frank wasn´t able to join our photosession today... he had to attend to a court hearing that has been very important for us. WE WON!!! I´d do back-flips if that were still possible, but I don´t want to shake Hamster 2.0... so I prefer to sit here and cry my eyes out... lucky tears... d*mn pregnancy hormones =D

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Okay... that stinks...

That´s my actual weight in kilos (67,0kg = 147.4lb) - normally it´s not to bad for a gal who´s pregnant in week 24+5...

Some people may think I´m nuts - and I don´t want to upset anybody...
For those who don´t know it yet: Yes, I got "a divisive issue" when it comes to food/weight. It might be a kind of eating disorder.

My scale showed 54,3kg (119.46lb) before little Hamster 2.0 moved in. I have gained 12,7kg (27.94lb) so far.*sigh*

Looks like I´m in need of a piece of "frustration chocolate" ;-)

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This cute duckie couple looks very familiar to me... they remind me of Frank and I *g*
Of course the fact that he´s coming on to her is caused by a fluke *wink*... yes, of course!!!

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What´s inside the big box???


Okay, okay... just kidding! - Luis overtook the box after I unpacked the real secret:

YAY! We are proud owners of the Villeroy & Boch Dinnerware "New Wave"!

I fell in love with the series as soon as I saw it - and I told Frank about it when we were on a shopping trip shortly after we met... and yesterday I got this huge surprise box!!!

I´m a happy gal - I´ve got such a mindfull hubby (and the dinnerware I dreamt of *G*)

Thank you soooooo much, love of my life!!!

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Ooooh... a huge cardboard box!
I love surprises, don´t ya? The secret(s) inside this box will be revealed tomorrow *g*

Sanni´s Project 365 - February... A peek through the keyhole. Feel free to *click* on the photo collage to enter the archive =)

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