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birth announcement

Lily's first mail - waiting to be shipped.

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Soap bubble fun - part deux:

soap bubble fun

Half a year later hunting soap bubbles is still hip.

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playground fun

Luis, Lily and I have been visiting Jens today. A trip to Jens always includes paying a visit on Luis favorite playground in Bochum. This time Luis had a huge surprise for us:
The Captain went down the huuuuuge slide on his own...
That's a "Just WOW!!!" for the proud mommy!

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Best place to rest

Lily has found the best place to rest.

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Japenese garden

The Japanese garden...
... my oasis of quiescence.

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professional big boy haircut

First "professional big boy haircut" for Luis (aka "not made by mommy") -
Big daddy got his hair cut thereafter... while the ladies of the family were waiting patiently.

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Just one word:


Okay, that's not a real word... so let me start over:

Just one word:

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"You are my sunshine!"
- that´s what he told me while he gave me the flowers

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newborn baby


[from the photo-shooting for the Lily's baby birth announcement]

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We are family

We are family...

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The Captain...
I can't believe I didn't realize "before" how HUGE that former "little one" is.
He's the best son and big brother we can imagine
- and he'll always be our little one, no matter what *g*

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Luis & Lily

We forgot to tell Luis his little sister will be going to be able to make some noise -
after he found this out on his own *g* all was good.

UPDATE: The little princess is still ill but we were allowed to take her back home.
Please keep your fingers crossed for Lily...

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It's 3:17 am in our part of the world...
we're off to the hospital's ER for the first time in Lily's short life...

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going home

Going home... finally

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♥ The Little Princess ♥

Deeply satisfied


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Luis and Lily

"Big Brother Meets Little Sister"

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♥ Lily ♥

born June 13th, 2008

10:11 am GMT +2

3.150 g / 6.93 lb / 110.88 oz

49 cm / 19.29 inches / 1.61 feet

~Sweet As Can Be~


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My guys

♥ My guys ♥

I could watch and listen to this "Good Night, Captain Luis!" - ritual for hours and hours...

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Happy Birthday

We've been celebrating my 34th birthday with family and friends @ our favorite Greek restaurant tonight...
Oh my... I'm stuffed... with a Hamster 2.0 and LOTS of food.

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Almond Tree

A branch...
...a special branch, belonging to the almond tree we got for Hamster 2.0 today.

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A proud father, a proud son and a bobby car...


The first afternoon nap since... can't remember. Seems like the Captain is tired as one can be.

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Marina Market

The Marina Market takes place each 2nd Sunday / month during the summer in our direct neighborhood, the local Marina. Several marketeers sell their goods - beginning with fish, typical farmer's products and lots of handcrafted stuff. Luis, Jens and I visited the market today. We liked this colorful market stand best... and that's why I'm sharing it with you.

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The Furry Diva will not be amused... see the red dot on the left site? That's her favorite outdoor-toy - "somehow" it came to rest upon that huge tree. See the yellow toy to the right? Looks like Jersey is not the only woofie who has had bad day. I'm wondering how this tree will look like in a few months... that might be a new Christmas decoration style...

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