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Aaaah... a great way to start the day. I love packages, especially when I´m waiting for something special to be delivered. In this case it´s the perfect balance to yesterday´s fast food sin:

A care package containing my favorite water, ice tea and a new experience:

Voss Water - Artesian water from Norway.
Arizona Tea - Asia Plum, Mandarin, Blueberry White and Green Tea.
Fiji Natural Water - drawn from an artesian aquifer.

The very first time we drank Voss Water has been on a romantic birthday dinner at the Puro Hotel (Mallorca, Spain). I will never forget this very special evening... and the day after. We spent it at the Puro Beach Spa, where they serve Voss, too. ♥

Arizona Tea brings back some pretty cool memories, too. While I was working for Roche Pharmaceuticals in New Orleans, LA we used to drink the Ginseng version mixed with vodka, right out of the (beautiful) tea bottle in the evenings. Of course I´ll pass on the vodka now...

The Fiji Water is new to me. I saw a report about water on TV a few weeks ago and thought "Why not give this one a try?"


Artesian Water - the champagne for pregnant mommies...


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