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Meet the meatballs!


Luis obviously likes to share his current favorite meal with you: meatballs.
Meatballs are easy to pick with your little fork, especially when you prefer using a pastry fork instead of the little fork of your own baby cutlery. Meatballs are also easy to grab with your little hands. Honestly, it´s a bunch of fun to pick the meatball with a fork, but the meatballs tastes lots better when you eat them like (baby-)finger food. Who cares about messy fingers??? Huh? Luis? No way! Me? Neither! =)

Bon App├ętit!

Snapped by @ Thursday, January 10, 2008
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Desert Songbird said...

Yippee! I'm in!

Cute Luis - I'd love help you with your meatballs, but I think your mommy wants YOU to eat it.

Sanni said...

YAY! There you are! Come over for some meatballs =)