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Yesterday´s been a quite busy and looooong day. We visited my parents in Dortmund. They had invited Luis for a PJ-party.
Thereafter we drove to Bochum to pick up Jens.
After we bought a birthday present for "the other Jens" we were finally ready for take-off to the Sauerland.

Our acquaintances Jens (yes, the name "Jens" is rampant in Germany *g*) and Ben moved to Luedenscheid / Sauerland 3 years ago.

Snow greeted us yesterday in the morning in the part of Germany we´re living in. This happens rarely.

When it snows here, as a rule, there are usually tons of snow in the Sauerland...

To keep a long and weird story short - I loved the tons of sparkling snow so much I had to snap a shot today in the early morning when we left Jens´ and Ben´s home at about 3:30 am:

Snapped by @ Sunday, February 03, 2008
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Desert Songbird said...

Okay, we've gone from a dusting to a truckload of snow.


Glad you like it!