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The story behind the photo:
I´ve been out on a romantic candle light dinner. Actually it was a late lunch, but dinner time for Luis - the very handsome guy who invited me to the Mississippi Bar & Restaurant. Luis ordered a Latte Macchiato for me and a small Fanta for himself. We both shared a Cajun Kids Fries platter.

Luis pointed a finger on every parrot decorated in the restaurant. Man, that were lots of parrots he showed me.

All the other guests were amazed about my attractive and well-behaved guy. Me, too. We enjoyed a wonderful hour without a single temper tantrum of the little guy.

Thanks for the perfect afternoon, my boy!

Oooooh, treasured memories ;)

Snapped by @ Thursday, February 21, 2008
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Misty Dawn said...

Oh my - You had the most handsome date in the whole place, for sure!

Desert Songbird said...

Everyone was jealous of your date, I'm sure. I am!