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Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with joy and love... like our´s was. I couldn´t resist taking a photo of our "I love you"-gifts:

- two "rabbits without ears", one for each little one (the rabbit without ears is a special toy of "Keinohrhasen", a popular German movie)
- a secret message in a bottle. Frank (Thank you so much for this huuuuuuge surprise. I love you to pieces!!!) made this one for me, including the wonderful label showing our family. You may ask yourself what that secret message says... I don´t know yet. It´ll remain secret until day X - and I won´t tell anyway *g*
- the 14-love-coupons booklet I made for Frank
- chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate
- massage oil (´nuff said)
- a huge salami for Jersey. No leftovers = no photo available ;)

Have a great day, folks. Spend it hugging a loved one ♥

Snapped by @ Friday, February 15, 2008
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Desert Songbird said...

Hubby got me tulips, too. Love them.

Oh, and he got me a cleaning service to keep the house clean. Yay!

Sanni said...

I ♥ tulips, too.
Did you say "cleaning service"??? YAY for you!