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Oh my... I stressed my guy ♥

Nooooo, Frank didn´t show me that finger on purpose - he was just far too tired to control his body *wink* ... or did he???

I took this photo today in the morning at 4 am, right after watching just a few episodes of my favorite TV series "Men in Trees"... for 6.5 hours! =D

Snapped by @ Saturday, February 16, 2008
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Misty Dawn said...

Ahahaha I love it! At first, I thought "Awwww, that's so sweet" and then I saw his hand and thought "What the heck, he's flicking her off!" LOL - I love it (oh, I already said that, didn't I?)

Desert Songbird said...

I suppose expectant fathers are allowed some...quirks too, right?

Sanni said...

Misty: *grin* I didn´t see that finger while I took the photo - at least it wasn´t a moving finger...

Donna: That man is allowed to do whatever he feels like :)

Sanni said...


... as long as I´m pregnant *LOL*