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Oh, how I hate the weather capricorns in Germany. Yesterday has been a quite nice and unforessen warm day, while it´s (again) freaking cold, stromy and rainy again. I planned posting a picture of my exploding head, but it didn´t burst, yet.

However, I´ve been home the whole day, doing this and that, but I spend most of the time designing a website for a acquaintance who wanted a homepage matching to his online-shop. Normally I prefer to come up with something new instead of adapted designs (especially if the existing design is... well... let´s say... odd). That´s why I didn´t stop after my work was done. I continued to create a new template for Pimp Your Blog, the blog where I present some new handwritten xml layouts every now and then.

A whole website including coding and text + the new blog layout + the unpleasant weather = Sanni is tensed up.

The best medicine is to grab my favorite yoga DVD, the new yoga pillow I couldn´t resist to buy yesterday and... relaaaaaaaaaaaax:

Bonus: This is how Pimp Your Blog looks like right now. What do you think?

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Desert Songbird said...

You are so talented and creative, my friend. I am envious of your talent. But I meant what I said about mine: I'm willing to sing at your wedding. Let me know when, and I'll try to be there!!!!

Sanni said...

Donna: Thank you so much, girlfriend - it means so much to us ♥