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We´ve been to the gynecologist today - there´s a monthly medical inspection scheduled during the first months of pregnancy here in Germany. Normally we have 3 ultrasounds during prenancy, but my doc knows about the mommy-to-be wishes and made an additional ultrasound in today´s week 15+5:

The little one was sleeping during the "photosession", so we still have to name the fast-growing 0.52 feet, 0.39 lb) baby "Hamster 2.0". Why? Little baby has preferred to show a detailed view of the backbone, but slept with straight legs. Well, there was no "copus delicti" visible - so the chances grew from 51% up to 75% we´re expecting a healthy, but shy lady-hamster :-)

Snapped by @ Wednesday, January 02, 2008
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jenny said...

Very nice backbone indeed! Hope your hamster brings you much joy!

I am a Project 365-er (year 2 now), and when I get around to it, I'll add you to my sidebar. I'm excited to find some more people doing it! It should be an exciting year with a new baby.

Desert Songbird said...

A girl?! You're expecting a girl?! How did I miss this?!?!?!

Sanni said...

Jenny: Thanks for stopping by. We´re thrilled =)

Donna: It´s a 75% girl *grin* I can´t wait to go shopping little skirts. If Hamster 2.0 decides to be a boy later, well... he´ll have to wear pink...